Why is CBD oil being replaced? How can this be true when millions of people claim to have had miraculous experiences with CBD oil? Some will say, “CBD oil works for me so why would I even bother to switch to Hemp Paste™ or believe CBD oil is inferior?” Keep reading and you will soon see why.


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  1. The majority of terpenes and delicate cannabinoids are missing in CBD OIL due to the damaging chemical extraction process. This greatly decreases the “entourage effect” because every Terpene and Cannabinoid and all the 480 compounds react with one another. If they are missing certain therapeutic effects will greatly decrease or not even occur.
  2. It is impossible to pull out or separate (extraction) all the cannabinoids and the 480 compounds from the plant, thus leaving behind up to 40% of the CBD/cannabinoids which is sadly thrown in the trash can. When you add a 40% loss on top of COSTLY extraction equipment and all the chemicals used, this is one huge expense that is passed on to the consumer. Hemp Paste uses NO machines or chemicals and since there is no extraction process it keeps 100% of all the CBD/ Cannabinoids.
  3. CBD oil leaves an environmental footprint due to all the machinery and chemicals used whereas, Hemp Paste™ uses no machines or chemicals which it has a ZERO environmental footprint.
  4. Butane extraction leaves behind a residue which is loaded with carcinogens which is cancerous.
  5. It takes more milligrams of CBD oil compared to Hemp Paste™ because Hemp Paste contains all the 480 compounds. In fact, you can consume an entire bottle of CBD oil and you will never receive the full entourage effect.
  6. GW Pharmaceuticals owns the patent on CBD oil and can shut down the entire CBD oil industry BUT Hemp paste is NOT an isolated result or isolated compound as it is simply just hemp flower and does NOT infringe on GW Pharmaceuticals patent. This means Hemp Paste is the future!

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Hemp Paste™ is the world’s ONLY non-extracted CBD product. No chemicals or machines are used in the production process, and when you open a jar of Hemp Paste™ you will jokingly ask yourself “Is this stuff legal?” because it smells just like the cannabis plant but is NOT psychoactive. This is because it contains the “whole hemp bud” and the natural terpenes. You can tell it came straight from the garden.

Hemp Paste™ is the world’s ONLY whole plant product that contains the complete genetic code. To obtain a true complete entourage effect you must have the plant’s complete genetic code which includes all the natural terpenes, all 118 Cannabinoids and all 480 compounds that comes by nature.

When you consume Hemp Paste™, you get 100% of the cannabinoids and terpenes because they never left the plant, whereas CBD Isolate you end up with just 1 compound out of 480. Scientific evidence now proves that extracting oil from the plant is not only inferior but a billion-dollar mistake.

Hemp Paste™ utilizes the full Hemp Spectrum, which focuses on all the naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes, not just CBD. There are more than 480 compounds in the cannabis and hemp plant, and our Hemp Paste™ employs all these compounds to bring a superior product to the world.

Hemp Paste™ is the lowest priced CBD/Hemp Spectrum product in the world. We can make this medicine multiple times cheaper than CBD oil. This allows us to sell Hemp Spectrum (CBD) for less than half the price. This will make this natural medicine more affordable to the whole world and the environmental footprint is thousands of times less.


If you live in urban America (or any other “urban” part of the world), your autoimmune and central nervous systems are inflamed! Our systems encounter an endless number of factors on a day to day basis that cause our bodies to become irritated. Environmental toxins (such as herbicides, insecticides and heavy metals), chronic biological infections (such as bacteria, viruses, fungus and molds) and inflammatory foods/diets can all be causes for inflammation in our bodies. All of these can cause a number of symptoms and stress on the human body:

Immune Inflammation Brain Inflammation
Autoimmune diseases Brain fog
Rheumatoid arthritis/IBD Migraines/headaches
Fibromyalgia/MS/Lyme Epilepsy
Eczema/Psoriasis/skin inflammation ADD/ADHD/autism
Chronic infections Anxiety/PTSD
Lupis/Thyroid Insomnia

Now, here’s the good news! If you are suffering from any of the above conditions or symptoms, cannabinoids may provide you with tremendous healing and relief! Working through your own natural endocannabinoid system, cannabinoids help bring homeostasis to both your immune system and your central nervous system! Our Hemp Paste is loaded with natural cannabinoids from the hemp plant, including CBD, that help your body to naturally reduce inflammation! Because Hemp Paste works directly with your central nervous system and your autoimmune system and uses the WHOLE HEMP PLANT, it provides a superior medicinal value to you and natural supports your body!

Hemp Paste not only helps to alleviate symptoms of inflammation, but it works directly with your body’s naturally occurring endocannabinoids system to bring healing!

Why is CBD oil inferior and being phased out and replaced by Hemp Paste.


CBD oils are made through a chemical extraction process using either butane, C02, ethanol or alcohol, which destroys up to 99{3e4954d70d93af20f975e1d92edcf52bb70eda81f1d74e2a3ccea2be4e610ec9} of the terpenes depending on the chemical extraction method and how many times your run the plant through the machine.

It is a fact that without terpenes and the full genetic code of the plant, the “entourage effect” will be very limited or not even occur depending on the damage done through extraction.

Neuroscientists have claimed that the “entourage effect” will also allow you to use far less CBD per dose. Neuroscientists and users of CBD oil claim you can double or triple the dose of CBD oil and it will still not create the “entourage effect”.

Terpenes are one of the most valuable components of the hemp plant. Here are some proofs that terpenes are destroyed in the process of extracting oil from the hemp plant:

#1. If terpenes are not destroyed during the extraction process, then why do many CBD oil companies buy them?

#2. Why do real terpenes cost between $6,000 to $9,000.00 per gallon and why would companies spend that kind of money unless terpenes are critical to the healing structure of the plant?

#3. If you smell a hemp plant, you’ll notice a strong, pungent smell. But try smelling CBD oil and you will smell nothing that resembles hemp, unless that CBD company spends a fortune to add back the real terpenes which the cost will increase and be passed on to the consumer.

#4. Below is a snapshot of companies who sent their product to Analytical 360 for testing. Feel free to visit their website and look at the list of CBD oil concentrates. Note that there are basically zero to no terpenes in these CBD oil products.

A popular extraction method is butane extraction, which leaves behind residue and is loaded with carcinogens.

Why is CBD oil extracted from the flower? Does the world think the flower is useless unless it’s extracted into an oil? This is perhaps one of the biggest reasons why CBD oil is inferior. The plant itself is what heals the body and TRYING to separate the compounds from the plant is nothing more than a result of ignorance. And what makes this process even more insane is the fact that it’s impossible to pull out or separate all the cannabinoids and the 480 compounds from the plant, thus leaving up to 40{3e4954d70d93af20f975e1d92edcf52bb70eda81f1d74e2a3ccea2be4e610ec9} of the cannabinoids which is then thrown in the trash.

One of the hottest sellers in the CBD oil industry is the ISOLATED CBD because people want a product that contains zero THC even though CBD oil is legal and is NOT psychoactive. The misinformation behind this trend is to scare people into thinking that they are going to get in trouble or experience a hallucinogenic effect if they take CBD oil. If the entire country and many places in the world allows CBD oil to contain under 0.3% THC, then why buy isolated CBD when it’s the most inferior hemp product in the world? It does not contain any terpenes and has only 1 out of the 118 cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. It’s 100% impossible to create an “entourage effect” if you have no other compounds to react with. Also, CBD is NOT the only medicinal cannabinoid out of the 118 of them.

One of the greatest mistakes in extraction is that several of the trace cannabinoids such as cannabinoid 17Ca-5 are destroyed through extraction. At this point, we have no case studies on how they react with other cannabinoids but users of Hemp Paste™ claim that when they switched from CBD oil to Hemp Paste™, they experienced new levels of results and again was able to use less product than CBD oil.

Also, depending on the extraction method used, up to 40% of the cannabinoids are lost and thrown in the trash. Now include the COSTLY extraction equipment and all the chemicals used, plus add back the extremely expensive real terpenes, creating CBD oil now becomes one huge expense that is passed on to the consumer. It is a major mistake that the whole world is following to this day.

Depending on your stance on the environment, CBD oil is a huge mistake. Imagine using massive amounts of machinery and chemicals to make CBD oil which leaves an environmental footprint. You might not know this but Hemp Paste™ and CBD oil are BOTH made from the hemp flower, but Hemp Paste™ does NOT use chemicals or big machines that destroys the environment; thus it leaves ZERO environmental footprint.


Did you know artificial terpenes can be dangerous to your health. Google search “artificial added terpenes can be dangerous.” If a CBD company claims to replace or add back the REAL terpenes derived from the cannabis plant to fix the damaged CBD oil, they must buy terpenes from a company who specializes in terpenes extraction, who then destroys massive amounts of beautiful hemp flower to obtain the terpenes. One gallon of “real terpenes” sells for over $9,000.00.  Type “buy real terpenes” on Google search or Click HERE to see one example we found which adds up to be $14,760.00 per gallon.

When CBD oil is extracted, it produces a thick black tar and needs to be diluted/cut with a carrier oil, such as coconut oil, before it can be sold. Why would anyone concentrate this herb then dilute it again when all it does is destroy the medicinal value of the plant?


Many CBD companies brag about how potent their oil is. The more you concentrate the plant the more you damage the medicine by evaporation and disintegrating the compounds. CBD companies tell customers that the more potent it is, the better it works. This is 100% misinformation that has been passed on for years. By nature, the flower is potent enough where concentrating it is futile. CBD or THC is NOT more medicinal at a higher potency, just like vitamin C is NOT more medicinal at a higher potency. You simply take more if you want a higher dose.


After enormous amounts of evidence that CBD oil is inferior and is damaged, would it be too overconfident to say that CBD oil might be phased out? May eventually be a thing of the past? If that were true, Hemp Paste™ will be the ONLY non-extracted complete genetic code hemp product in the world.